New Wheels - Ibella Part 1

22 Jan 2021 - f

So much work, and I got it as a present!

A friend of mine needed repairs done on her motorcycle which ended in her getting a new one for much less than the repairs would have cost. She now has the same model as a working bike to ride and I got…

Ibella start

..what was left of hers’. A Yamaha SR125 in pieces.

And lots of boxes like this one:

Ibella boxes

And quite a bit of work to be done.

Ibella boxes

First, I took pictures of all the parts to get an overview on what is here and what I would need to order. Without looking in a manual, it looked quite complete.

Ibella pictures

Next order of the day was cleaning the frame and everything on it to see, how far I would want to tear it down. That was done quickley and as expected, I will take everything apart. It is not in a bad condition, but since it was taken apart that far, I will work everything over.

Then I wanted to charge the battery and test the eletrical system. That did not go as I expected due to the almost broken of contact on one side. What seems to have happend is, someone tightened the screw on the (+)connection to much.

Luckily, there are a few spare batteries on a charger at all times so at least the testing should have been no problem. And indeed, it wasn’t. All lamps and switches work!

Now everything is stored away again and waiting for me to clean a space in the workshop to start the final disassembly.

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